Submitting a request to participate

To participate in the Forum "Ecology", fill out an application to participate.
After completing the application, you will receive an email confirming that your application has been accepted.

Consideration of the request

Your request for participation will be considered by the Forum Organizing Committee. If approved, you will be sent a confirmation that you are registered for the Forum. The period of consideration of the request is individual for each participant and is not less than ten days.
Participation in the Forum is envisaged only after confirmation of registration.
The Organizing Committee has the right to refuse the participation of the person who submitted the request without explaining the reasons.


Request to participate in the Forum

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Refusal to participate

If you received an invitation, but do not plan to participate in the Forum, or received confirmation of registration, but have changed your mind, we ask you to inform the Organizing Committee specialist with whom you are in contact about registration in the Forum.

Participant replacement

Replacement of a participant is only possible by decision of the Forum Organizing Committee. If you have already confirmed your participation, but are unable to attend the Forum, you must contact the Organizing Committee specialist with whom you are in contact regarding your participation in the Forum in order to replace the participant.

Become a speaker or moderator

To become a moderator or a speaker of the Forum "Ecology", you need to send a request to the Organizing Committee of the Forum.

Participant Management Department

Tel. +7 (812) 327-93-70